For a complex didactics of languages and cultures

For a complex didactics of languages and cultures
English translation (August 2021) of "Pour une didactique comparée des langues-cultures", Études de Linguistique Appliquée n° 129, janvier-mars 2003, pp. 121-129.
PUREN_2003b-en Manifesto for complex did
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The desing of research in the discipline "didactics of language-cultures"is not yet perfectly shared and stabilized among its French specialists. (But is such a general and definitive agreement possible and desirable in any field so that an internal dynamic is maintained?) Already, however, it seems to me that a broad consensus has been reached on the following six major approaches, which are very strongly linked to each other as well as to the current scientific paradigms on which they are based: 1. The comprehensive approach (focus on the actors). 2. The environmentalist approach (contextualization). 3. The qualitative approach (the internal conceptualization). 4. The pragmatist approach (the confrontation with reality). 5. The complex approach (the variation of perspectives). 6. The constructivist approach (cognition and metacognition). 7. The comparative approach.