Variations on the theme of social action 

in didactics of foreign languages and cultures

Variations on the theme of social action in didactics of foreign languages and cultures
English translation of the article entitled "Variations sur le thème de l'agir social en didactique des langues-cultures" (2009b)
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1. “Social action”, a central concept of a new general orientation in the didactics of languages and cultures

2. The learning action as a social action

3. Social action as learning

4. The act of use in the language classroom: from simulation to convention

5. The learning act and the teaching act, functionally artificial acts

6. Acting with language: from the "authentic" support document to the "manufactured" work document

7. Acting with New Educational Technologies

8. Acting in autonomous use, acting in directed learning

9. Acting on information: from communicative competence to informational competence

10. Acting together for common projects: from interaction to co-action

11. Acting on culture: from intercultural to co-cultural, and from representations to conceptions

12. What training to act as a teacher?

13. Social action among teachers: continuous co-training for "sustainable innovation”

14. Which theories of social action in language-culture didactics?



Appendix – Historical evolution of didactic configurations