Pedagogical project and engineering of the didactic unit

Pedagogical project and engineering of the didactic unit
English traduction of "Projet pédagogique et ingénierie de l’unité didactique" (2011b)
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Within the framework of the theme of this conference entitled "Language teachers, project engineers", I will limit my intervention to the devices conceived by the teacher in the space of the class with an explicit principal objective of teaching-learning of the foreign language-culture, whether this device corresponds to the whole of its project, or whether it corresponds to a didactic exploitation in the classroom of project activities carried out outside the classroom (exploitation of documents collected or experiences lived during a professional internship abroad, for example), or conversely to a preparation in the classroom of projects which will then be carried out in the field. More precisely, I will focus on a form of device that is as central as it is unavoidable, namely the didactic unit, which, I will show, assumes indispensable functions, whereas it poses a problem when the teacher implements pedagogical projects: the combination of the two formats constitutes a real "problematic": in conclusion, I will not propose any solution(s), but rather possible modes of management.