"Methodological matrices currently available in school didactic of languages-cultures in France

"Methodological matrices currently available in school didactic of languages-cultures in France
English translation of French original 073 (January 2023)
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A subtitle ("A tool for multi- and pluri-methodological approaches") was added in November 2020. A pluri-methodological approach is a system designed to "integrate" several methodologies, i.e. to manage them in such a way as to make them consistent and synergistic. A multimethodological approach, on the other hand, is one in which different methodologies are simply juxtaposed, without even articulating them, using one and then the other, for example, from one didactic sequence to another or from one year to another. New version dated November 26, 2020. These four matrices - active, communicative-intercultural, plurilingual-pluricultural, actional-co-language-co-cultural - are partial repeats in a different presentation of documents 029 and 052 (in French).


This model was used in two articles in French :


2016b. « Méthodologies plurielles d'exploitation didactique des documents vidéo : l'exemple du Guide des utilisateurs du matériel "V'idéaux & Débats" à destination d'un public FLI, Français Langue d'Intégration ».


2018f. "L’actualité de l’approche communicative dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre de la perspective actionnelle : une affaire de construction située et finalisée".


Original French version: « Matrices méthodologiques actuellement disponibles en didactique scolaire des langues-cultures en France », 073.

Also available in Spanish: "Matrices metodológicas actualmente disponibles en didáctica de las lenguas-culturas", 073-es.